Use arrow keys to move

Z/SPACE/J to jump

X + down arrow or S + K to shovel jump

C/L to shoot

X + up arrow or W + K to shovel jump up

P to pause

ESC to quit to title screen (don't worry the game autosaves)

Hard Mode isn't implemented... 100% there is 2 hard levels :)

If you are running on a slower machine you should download the exe file. If it still feels slow... then change to a better machine heheh. I hope you like the game :)

Oh yeah, and can you find the easter egg hiding in plain sight? Just move around and you will see it ;)


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Shovel Gunner.exe 25 MB


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I made it to the last level at which point I had to sometimes switch browser tabs. The game lagged and so I lost my progress.

Anyway, the game is quite entertaining and very challenging but it seems that the big part of the challenge comes from extremely counter-intuitive controls. This type of games is best played with gamepad, but leaving that aside, normally left hand is doing character movement using WASD+Space (to jump) and right hand does all the actions. In this game this is swapped.

Please, fix the controls:)

thank you for the feedback! Ill upload the .exe file soon (wich means that it wont lag). And then make thr keys rebindable if i know how to heheh. I might also try to do controller support! Again, thank you for nearly finishing my game lol :)

I have Mac:) Anyway, I didn't mean that the game works slow, it works fine. I meant that the engine you used (it probably wasn't Unity) doesn't support browser tab-switching properly.

Also add automatic progress saving. Most game-jam games don't save the progress but your game is long and hard enough to make this feature.

Yup, i dont use unity, i uae clickteam fusion 2.5 :p i dont know if i can fix it then 🤔 sure ill add autosave of some kind and a few more levels 😈 i really appreciate Your feedback!

The game has now been updated with autosave pausing and a bit of other stuff also. But the performance is worse than last time :) I hope it still works on mac